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Make A Mixed Fall Hanging Basket

This absolutely gorgeous natural fall hanging basket will delight you through autumn and into winter!! We've chosen some of our favourites, which also happen to come in a "quick pick 6 pack" making it super easy to find plants that work well together and look great.

We started with a cage hanging basket, along with a coco liner. The liner helps to keep water and soil inside the basket, to keep it moist longer and keep it from drying out super quick.

However, we wanted a more natural style which means we added moss around the outside of the liner! Not only will this moss add a green forest vibe, but it will amaze your neighbours as they wonder how you did it!

Tuck in all your plants, leaving some room for growth. Grasses especially will spread out and add nice height to the design!

Here's a list of what we added to our fall hanging basket:

  • Toffee Twist Graceful Grass (carex)
  • Cinnamon Curls (heuchera)
  • Lysmachia
  • Heather
  • Euphorbia
  • Ajuga
Don't forget to add in an accent like a gourd or pumpkin for the fall season! Natural twigs, wood cuts, pinecones or bark curls can also come in handy to add to your hanging basket.


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