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How to Make A Prism Terrarium with Succulents


Watch as this stylish little geometric geode terrarium becomes home for a landscape of succulents. The real trick in our design is the different size rocks, stones and pebbles (not to mention sand) that we use to layer around the plants. This adds a more organic and desert feeling to the terrarium, even though it's not very large.

The first step is to add in small stones/pebbles. We do this first so that they are what shows around the glass edges, rather than soil. Then we make a small indent in the middle of the terrarium's stones and fill it with cactus soil. The cacti or succulents can be planted into that, without making too big a mess. A

funnel helps us place more stones (different sizes!) as well as a finished layer of sand in the empty spots, after we're done. Try coloured sand for a fun look. We also touched it up using dried moss and faux moss balls, softening the hard cacti edges. 


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