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Make Your Own Succulent Terrarium


Ever wondered what the secret is to making a beautiful succulent terrarium? Where does all the soil go, and how do you keep it from looking messy after a few weeks? Well we're here to show you the trick we use to keep our terrariums looking fresh, put together and clean!!

We start with a layer of small pebbles on the bottom of the terrarium, about an inch deep. Then we pull out our secret weapon! A pot, with the top and bottom trimmed off. This is basically a cylinder of plastic, open on both ends, that will encase the soil and keep it all in one place when you water and move your terrarium! You can choose the size of the pot depending on the size of your terrarium, but make sure it's small enough that it doesn't touch the sides of the glass.

After we put the cut-pot cylinder into the terrarium (pushing it down to the bottom of the terrarium nice and firm) we can go ahead and fill up the sides of the terrarium with different sized and coloured stones to create a beautiful design. Then we fill the cylinder in the middle with soil, hidden away so no one can see!

The last step is to add in all your beautiful succulents! Make sure to choose a variety of colours, sizes and styles to make a work of art. Tuck them in close to each other, letting some hangover the edges and drape onto the stones.

Voila! A beautiful terrarium - shhhhh don't tell the secret...


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