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Mini-Trees Indoors and Out This Christmas

a mini-forest for the season

There's nothing more Christmas inspiring than an evergreen tree, especially when you bring it indoors for the season! The fresh scent, the bold green colour and the iconic needles - all make it a perfect addition to your home during the winter months.

However, you might find you don't have space for a full-sized tree, even after rearranging the furniture half a dozen times! Don't worry, mini-trees are here for the season and there are so many varieties to choose from you may decide to bring home a small forest!

Choosing Which Mini-Trees to Adopt

With so many choices, it's tough to decide which mini-tree to bring home for Christmas! Everyone has their favourite. If you love a full, bushy look, then go with the Blue or White Spruce. Want that iconic conical shape? Better try an Alberta Spruce or Cypress tree. Looking for something unique? 

Remember, after the season is over these trees can be planted in containers or straight into the garden, outdoors. That means they could be part of your yard and landscape for a lifetime! Choose one that you can enjoy year round.   

The Norfolk Pine trees are popular, with their sparse-yet-lovable branch style (though they are tropical trees, not actual pines, and they can stay indoors year-round.)

Decking Your Mini-Trees

When you bring your mini-tree home from the nursery, you'll probably want to give it some love and add some character. Even if you want to embrace natural look, you'll need to cover up the grower's pot it came in. We love the idea of covering the pot in burlap, for a simple yet cosy look. Attach a few pinecones and, voila, done!  

If you want to add some bling to your mini-trees, then grab some mini-baubles or other ornaments and attach them on the branches. You can keep it to a minimum to show off the tree, or go crazy with Christmas spirit! You can also attach accents just at the base of the tree and leave the greenery untouched.   

Potting Your Mini-Trees

Although your mini-trees will end up outdoors eventually, that doesn't mean you can't pot it up! It will look amazing in your home during the Christmas season, and afterwards, you can move it into an outdoor pot or straight into your garden or yard! (These evergreen trees will only survive for a few weeks indoors and need to be moved outside after Christmas.) 

Choose a pot that matches your Christmas decor, such as something natural like terra cotta; a pot with a bit of bling or a touch of gold; or even an elegant ceramic number. Or, drop your tree into a beautiful basket to liven it up. Dress it up this season!      

Whichever tree you decide on, we're glad it's going to a good home! Enjoy your new mini-tree and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. 


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