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Merry Mingle Christmas Planter


Jason takes all his favourite Christmas plants and creates a modern Christmas planter with a twist, that will continue blooming all through the season! Not only does this planter use a beautiful pink Poinsettia and a matching pink Christmas Cacti - but it also pops with seasonal bulbs and a gorgeous pink tinted Tillandsia (Air Plant) in a glass globe, nestled into it's design.

We started with a shallow, but wide, planter so that it sits low on your table and can be used as a centrepiece. Each plant is individually placed, and then the soil is covered with white stones for a "snow" effect.

The Christmas flower bulbs (you can choose your favourite, from Paper Whites to Amaryllis) have their roots buried in the soil, but are left above ground (to avoid getting too wet and rotting). There are many different types of tropicals and succulents to choose from, so pick a few that have different colours and textures for variety.

Below is our picks for this planter, but get creative and improvise with your own!

  • Poinsettia plant (4")
  • Christmas Cacti -Tillandsia (in glass globe)
  • Various tropicals including Spider Plant and String of Pearl
  • A selection of Succulents -Christmas bulbs (we chose a smaller variety)
  • Don't forget the a festive container, decorative stones, and any other accents you'd like to include. Have fun!



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