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Natural Farmhouse Decor & Fresh Edible Accents


creating an organic, rustic style with edible accents

The kitchen and dining room are often the heart of the home—giving us space to create, visit, and delight in delicious tastes. Making these spaces your own, while also leaving room for bright conversation with gathered crowds, means focusing on elements that speak volumes without being too loud. For a farmhouse feel, we keep to a neutral earth-tone palette, letting the added plants do the talking.

Using elements that suit a hand-crafted look, such as wood, ceramics, and linens, immediately give off a charming vibe of cherished memories and heart-warming moments. We tie in our love of the outdoors with edible accents in beautiful pottery that both elevate the table and also taste fresh. 

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Keeping Things Simple

Simple doesn't mean boring, it often gives you even more space for experimenting and exploring your ideas. With a neutral palette you can mix and match to your heart's content! From mixing pottery, stoneware, and ceramic dishes on the table (just keep them white), to adding in mismatched pots for your plants (so many whites to choose from), and even pulling out all your wood accents like cutting boards, decor pieces, or trays. Surprising pairings add charm and complexity to a simple style.

Streamline plants, such as olive trees, fit into the natural look of a farmhouse even if they aren't the first thing to come to mind. We've planted up a trio of mini-olive trees but also filled up a rustic jar with faux stems to add to the effect. 

The garden is about colour, and bringing this indoors adds a touch of sunshine. Yellow pansies and matching mini planters tie together a theme of warmth and optimism in a sunny kitchen. Terra cotta pots never fail to fit into a natural style, especially filled with herbs to enjoy. Clay containers bring the earth tones into the mix in the best way.

A sunny Welcome

Choosing just one colour for your front stoop or doorway has a way of amplifying the effect. From happy daffodils to primrose and forsythia stems...these farm-friendly choices all tie together our welcoming look. Rather than using completely polished planters we keep it looking a bit wild with shrubs and trees, moss and grasses, and our favourite goat friend. 


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