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Orange Dream Shade Planter

Get inspired to create your own front door welcome arrangement, full of bright colourful plants that thrive in the shade. Jason shows us how easy it is to fill this square pot chock-full of unique choices that will give your visitors a smile when they arrive and when they leave.

The real eye-catcher of this arrangement is the Japanese Maple "Orange Dream" with it's light peach coloured leaves that beg a second look. The foliage on this beautiful mini-tree will begin yellow with pink edges in the spring, then to chartreuse in the summer and finally end the year bright yellow and orange. What a show!

As well, you'll notice there's a lot of vines in this arrangement. Jason has created this planter for a tall structure (you'll notice this at the end of the video when he places it next to the door) which look fantastic when they have some long vines trailing towards the ground.

What else is in our Orange Dream planter? Well you can choose your own favourites (make sure they like the shade!) but here's our list:

Japanese Maple "Orange Dream"
Cyperus "Wild Spike"
Fiber Optic Grass
Impatien "Sonic Light Lavender"
Sweet Potato Vine "Marguerite"
Creeping Wire Vine "Big Leaf"
Vinca Vine "Variegata"
Maiden's Hair Fern

"Miss Montreal"
"Illuminiation Orange"
"Amstel Clara"
"Unstoppable Upright Salmon"
"Illumination Apricot"

"Main Street River Walk"
"Burgundy Wedding Train"
"Lava Rose"




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