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Orchid Care 101

Orchids are a show-stopping plant for your home or office, and really easy to care for! They look like they'd be picky plants, but are actually very simple to keep happy.

Selecting Your Phalaenopsis Orchid - When choosing a plant, look for one that has very healthy green leaves that are free from spots or deformations. Feel them with your hands to make sure the leaves are firm. Also be sure to look at the height and width of the stem (or stems) on the plant to make sure it will fit into the space you're going to display it in. If you want a plant that will bloom for a longer period of time, look for lots of unopened buds on each stem.

Light for your Phalaenopsis - These orchids love lots of bright light, but no direct sun. Filtered light (through blinds or a sheer curtain) is the best! Keep them out of drafts as well, to avoid problems.

Transplanting or Repotting your Phalaenopsis Orchid - Orchids don't use soil around their roots, instead they are wrapped in moss and chunks of bark. This is because the roots need lots of air, and also don't like to be constantly moist. Use sphagnum moss, plus pre-prepared orchid mix (with lots of large bark pieces) around your orchid roots when transplanting them to a larger pot. Make sure the pot has a drainage hole in the bottom!

Watering your Phalaenopsis Orchid - Use finger to touch the orchid medium to see if it's dry. If it is dry (and sometimes you can tell by the weight of the pot) then saturate the medium with water, letting it run out the bottom rather than collect in the pot. In the winter, be more careful with the amount of water used, for example, a 6" diameter pot can use just an ounce of water at a time.

Fertilizing your Phalaenopsis Orchid - Orchid food comes in a variety of mediums. One of our favourites is an orchid food mister, which you can spray on the leaves and medium around the roots. As well, there are liquid varieties that go straight into your watering can, and distribute nutrients when the plant is watered. Feed your orchid once a week.

We hope your orchid plants have a long and healthy life, giving you lots of beauty as you enjoy the giant blooms!



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