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Orchids are a Succulent’s Best Friend

When it comes to elegance, there's few plants that can hold a candle to amazing Phalaenopsis orchids. Sleek, modern and simple, this orchid can be seen in offices and professional buildings as well as the hallway or dining room of your home.

We've discovered that an unsuspecting succulent plant can match the orchid's elegant demeanour and even add a touch of wonder and interest to a display. With the giant orchid's blooms up top, and the gorgeous pale succulent at the base, this is our new favourite pairing.

We suggest that you leave the orchids roots alone when you plant it in the soil of the container, instead of breaking them apart like most plants. The orchid's roots are very delicate and the substrate (moss and bark) that they are planted in is especially designed to hold moisture the way the orchid likes.

Another benefit to this bromance is that both the succulent and orchid need little water, and want to dry out between waterings.

We've added white stones and beach glass, but what else could you finish this display with?


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