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Perennial Care & Colour

Perennial care and selection

There are so many kinds of perennials for your garden, with a wide variety of colours and foliage! Each one of them produces their flowers at different times during the seasons, so it's important to plant a variety so you can have a beautiful garden all year long. Make sure to get perennials that will show during the early spring, spring, summer and fall seasons.

When you plant your perennials, dig a hole twice as wide as your pot, and with the same depth. Then take the plant out of the pot, delicately break up some of the roots around the edges, and place it in the hole. Cover it up with soil, along with organic top soil or composted mulch. Then saturate the area with water to help the soil to mix in with the ground and the roots to take hold. It should become firmly rooted in 2-3 weeks.

During the fall season your perennials can look a bit weathered, but that's ok! They give all of their nutrients to the roots and bulbs during this time of year, so the foliage can get a bit down. After the first frost you can cut off any spent leaves, gather it all together, and add it to the compost. Make sure to add a layer of mulch to the soil around your perennials in the fall to help them survive and thrive during the winter weather.

Enjoy your garden, especially the perennials, with these quick tips about perennial care and ideas for planting!


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