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Perennial Planter in White

A Sophisticated Perennial Planter in White

Create a sophisticated and long lasting perennial planter with perennials, featuring the beautiful variety of white and pale green foliage plants available! Mix it up with blooming annuals for the season, or stick with all perennials for fall and winter.

This container garden is eye-catching in an understated and minimalistic way, with a natural feeling. The bright blue lavender stands out as an elegant spot of colour in this design, while a variety of tall and trailing plants create artistic lines and interest.

Look for pale and white foliage plants in the nursery, choosing your favourites, to create your own similar design. White blooming plants, big or small, also add variety. We used lavender for a blue highlight, but you could easily substitute it for another blooming perennial of a different colour.

Our choices for this perennial planter include: Lamb's Ear, Dusty Miller, white Cosmos, Bacopa, white Geranium, White Sage, and Lavender. 


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