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Pink & Purple Plants We Love


Purple & Pink Plants

Whether you're looking for something romantic or just need a pop of soft colour for your home, we've gathered some of our favourite pink and purple plants to share. These houseplants don't just have coloured blooms, instead they also feature pink and purple foliage that you'll love!

Purple Heart (Tradescantia pallida)

A unique and gorgeous houseplant, the purple heart is a tradescantia with gorgeous purple foliage and delicate blooms. This plant loves sun and will thrive in bright light, though make sure it's not direct sunlight that could scorch the laves. It is also drought tolerant, so it won't mind missing a watering now and then. 


A classic, this plant comes in pink and purple varieties with long lasting blooms. A tropical, the Anthurium loves misting and being watered regularly. It also enjoys indirect bright low but can grow in lower light situations. 


An easy houseplant to care for, this plant comes in many varieties including one with cute pink foliage. Let the soil dry out between waterings so the roots don't get soggy. They are versatile in terms of light—preferring bright indirect light but able to live in low light areas as well.


Tropical and eye-catching, bromeliads are a unique plant with long leaves and a cone-line shape. If you're lucky, you can get one of these blooming in purples or pinks. Water this plant from the top, into the empty cup the plant naturally grows. Give it bright light, although it can live in low light as well. 


There are so many varieties of tradescantia—from bright purple tall foliage to light pink leaves that drape from a hanging pot. You can pick out one that's perfect for you, and since they grow quite quickly, watch it fill out your favourite pot. Keep the soil moist, avoiding letting it dry out between waterings, and give your plant bright indirect light to keep the colour bold.

Browse the garden centre for more pink and purple foliage or blooms—from polka dot plants to kalanchoe. You're sure to find something that will look beautiful in your home or make the perfect gift!


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