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Planting Bulbs in Pots for Your Home



When the weather is still chilly during the early months of the year, we long for the colourful blooms of bulbs but can't relax outdoors to enjoy them. That's when it is a great time to bring these blooming bulbs indoors into your home for a breath of fresh air. From hyacinth to tulips, daffodils and more, bring outdoor bulbs indoors for the very early spring season.

From January to April there are a lot of colourful choices at the garden centre, even though it sometimes seems everything is grey outdoors. Our pansies and primula are blooming, there are ranunculus coming in, and of course, all the beautiful bulbs! These bulbs can bloom indoors just as well as they can bloom outside. 

Plant bulbs that have already sprouted (rather than having to force your bulbs) in pots and place them around your home to enjoy the colourful flowers in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and more. Depending on how warm you keep your home, the blooms may not last quite as long as outside, however you can counter this by keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from heating ducts of warm drafts. Cool spots are best! Water them regularly, keeping the soil moist but not soggy. After the bulbs have finished blooming, they are usually discarded. 


One of the fun parts about planting bulbs indoors is that you get to pick out pots! You can plant each bulb individually in its own pot, or create a container garden of beautiful blooms. 

Choose pots that match each room—like terra cotta for a natural look, pretty ceramics for the bedroom, and patterned pots for the kitchen! 


Top off your plant with moss, bark, sand, stones or other accents that you love. Create your own unique design. 

You can also add in other accents such as pinecones, sticks, pussy willow, rocks, or gems. From classy to chic, natural to farmhouse...the choices are endless.


Turn your kitchen counter into a potting bench for your bulb planting party. Usually the kitchen counter is a hardy, easy-to-clean, material that can take some dirt without complain. It has the added bonus of being near the sink (though be careful how much dirt ends up in the drain as it can cause clogs). 

Use your trowel, gardening gloves, and other tools for this project—and make sure you have a bag of high-quality potting soil nearby as well! 


There's always new ideas and inspiration when creating your own bulb planters. Use a glass jar or terrarium to encase your bulbs and really show off those colours! 

As an added bonus you can see the roots of your bulbs growing in the bottom of the planter. Top it off with moss or rocks for a finished look as you bring the outdoors into your home. 


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