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Planting in Pots Without Drainage

So many pots, so little time!! And how do you plant in pots without drainage? No problem, Jason is here to show you how to plant in pots that don't have any drainage holes in the bottom, whether they are ceramic, tin or glass!

The first step is to put 1-1.5" of landscape gravel or stones in the bottom of your pot. This helps keep your roots and soil out of the extra water that will flow to the bottom of your pot.

Next add in 1cm of horticultural charcoal to help keep the soil conditioned. You should still see the tips of the rocks poking up amid the charcoal layer.

The last step is to add in your high quality potting soil. Then add your favourite plants!! You can also top dress your planters with beautiful stones or bark pieces for an added flourish! This also helps keep moisture in the soil so it won't evaporate as quickly.

Now you can plant in pots without drainage, and use all your beautiful dishes and ceramics for planters!


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