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Planting Your Full Sun Annual Garden

When the nighttime temperatures are above 10'C, and the air is warm, it's time for planting annuals! Jason is planting in a full sun, raised garden bed, which is fantastic for creating a design with a variety of blooms and using cascading plants as well.

In this full sun garden, Jason is using canna lilies, Wave petunias, fountain grass, coleus, bacopa, lysimachia, lobelia and salvia. The canna lilies will add height, while the lysimachia and Wave petunias will cascade down the sides of the raised garden bed. The bright blue of the lobelia and salvia will tie in with all the colours and really shine.

Jason starts by cleaning up the garden bed, loosening the soil, digging out old plants, and adding a 2" layer of compost (seasoil). This really gets the garden bed all ready for your new additions!

Another great tip is to make sure your plants are well hydrated before transplanting them into your garden. If they are dry, water them well, then let them sit for at least 30 minutes to absorb the water you've just given them.

Before planting, you can lay out your garden by placing the pots on the soil to see if you have enough of each kind, make sure they are equally spaced out, and see the complete design and colour scheme before committing to digging.

As a last step, water your garden well to help establish them in their new home. You should fertilize your full sun annuals with a super bloom variety, in the range of 15-30-15. This will help them stay healthy and bloom beautifully throughout the growing season!


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