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Plants for Your Jungalow Home

A Jungalow of plants

Create a plant-centric space that breathes green life into your day with a healthy dose of tropicals.

Plants aren't all one shade of green. Find the unexpected with lime leaves and fancy foliage in variegated forms. White stripes, purple and red colouring, golden for the outliers in the garden centre and bring home a symphony of plants to create your own jungalow production.

Thank you to Lacroix Mason Art for having us in their home for this photo shoot! 

Standard versions of your favourite tropicals add height—as they are grown in a tree-form that's perfect for behind couches, in corners, and standing tall around the living room. From standard ficus to schefflera and fruit trees, elevate your foliage with standard form variations. 

Add beauty with pots that don't compete with your plants. Bright green ceramics or earth-toned pots let the tropicals shine on their own. You can always add more colour to the room with bright carpets, pillows, and art. 

There are so many interesting things about the aesthetics of plants, and texture is one to look out for. Gloss leaves contrast with sharp ferns and fuzzy begonias; broad, wide leaves mix with fluffy fronds and stately vines. Incorporate a variety of plants in your rooms to add interest and natural beauty.

Pair up your plants, or create groupings of three or more, for a real jungalow feel! Mix tall and small, dark and light, patterned and can never have too many plants!


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