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Playing with Fall Foliage

Spice up the Patio with a Fall Planter

Planters full of fall foliage are easy to create and use to spice up the patio for the season!! In this basket we use a 6-pack of Proven Winners to keep it super simple! They are chosen as plants that will grow well together, are easy to care for, and need the same light & water requirements. Get the kids involved and planting for Autumn!

What's in this Autumn patio planter?

-Carex Toffee Twist
-Soft Shield Fern
-Cinnamon Curls Heuchera
-Catlin's Giant Ajuga

Add in a pumpkin or other Autumn accent such as wood pieces, sticks, pinecones or other found objects. The green, red and violet fall foliage will create a beautiful fall planter for the season. Happy fall!!

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