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Our Poinsettia Story

A Poinsettia has a long journey before it reaches your home for the holidays! We hand care for all our plants at West Coast Gardens, including our gorgeous Poinsettias! Watch how we care for each plant, making sure they are strong enough to last the whole season. We also give you important care tips to keep them happy when you bring them home!

The story begins in July, way before anyone is thinking about Santa or reindeer. Our baby clippings come from Mother Plants in African and Central America. From there we spend 120 days (and sleepless nights) making sure they grow up big and strong. This includes individual watering lines to each and every pot to make sure they get enough moisture and nutrients. It also includes hand clipping the stems to create the right look for your Poinsettia!

Watch the video and see the amazing journey of each Poinsettia before it becomes a holiday favourite on your table, under the tree or as a gift.SaveSave





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