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Plant Ideas for Your Reading Nook

Books & Plants:

a perfect pairing

Create the perfect reading spot with comfy throws, squishable pillows, and of course...plants! A fantastic reading companion, plants never interrupt you mid-page, they won't spoil the ending, and they add a quiet atmosphere to enjoy your favourite book. 

Ferns are a refreshing plant and most of them can handle low-light situations; like that day bed in the corner or the reading chair far away from the window. We pair these frond-ful plants with adventure books, journeys of self-discovery, and the occasional thriller. 


Exotic and delicate, these favourite plants pair well with a romance novel or a mystery book that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Dive into a travel memoire for a far-off place with your orchid right there by your side. 

In the summer you can easily enjoy a book on the patio or in the garden—but during the colder months you have to create your own indoor garden to read in! Try indoor shrubs or trees, such as a Norfolk Island Pine, to feel like you're in the great outdoors. Blooming annuals can also be brought indoors for a season, giving you a spring vibe as you page through your favourite gardening books and plan for warmer weather.


There are so many kinds of tropical indoor plants that you're sure to find the perfect partner for your reading nook. With their glossy leaves and green foliage—we love pair these plants with vacation romance books, light reading delights, and maybe a biography or two.


Reading a book that takes place in Tuscany? Try adding a mini olive tree or myrtle topiary to really transport you there! A cactus garden is perfect for getting into books that feature deserts near or far. If you are a cookbook lover—surround yourself with a small indoor herb garden. And for you sci-fi readers, there are plenty of strange looking plants that will make you feel like you've left Earth; carnivorous plants with giant teeth, succulents in weird shapes and colours, or exotic flowering plants. Take a look through the garden centre for inspiration!


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