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A Dash of Red for Your Christmas Home

There are some things we love to overdo this time of year such as eggnog, Christmas music and spoiling friends and family with special gifts. (Sometimes we also overdo ugly holiday sweaters, fruit cakes and yard decorations - but that's a different story.) By the end of the season it can feel like you'll never wear, look at, or buy anything in a shade of red or green again! Luckily there are ways to enjoy the season without overdosing on the classics. 

We wanted to share a way to decorate a home for the holidays using classic colours, but keeping it modern and simple. We paired up with lifestyle photographer Tracey Ayton (who took these amazing photos) for this special seasonal home installation. 

Focussing on using white and greens, with just small touches of red accents, helped us create a look that wasn't overwhelming to have in the house during the entire season. The white and green focus created a fresh and clean style, making each room cozy and elegant but still radiating Christmas cheer. 


The fireplace mantel is a focal point in any living room, and especially deserves the royal treatment during this season. A simple garland of cedar, silver dollar eucalyptus and pinecones was enough to give the entire space a fresh and simple holiday flavour.

We made sure the cedar boughs were thick enough to really look luxurious and full, with their natural tendency to hang beautifully. Elegant gold and white bows, as well as minimalist white stockings (with a tiny red accent!) finish the look. A giant deep red poinsettia sits by the fireplace and adds the holiday red we're craving.

Giant wooden flats filled with towering white Princettia poinsettias make an absolute jaw dropping display for this season. We're in love with white poinsettias and this variety is the most lush and has the biggest blooms we've ever grown. A scattering of red berries at the base of the plants immediately catches your eye and makes the whole display pop. 

For a home that is predominantly white walled and accented, any splash of colour will be amplified. A gorgeous giant red poinsettia makes a bold statement piece all on its own, without any fanfare needed! Wicker baskets, natural containers or wood boxes are simple ways to display your poinsettia.


Outdoors there's a lot more space to add colour without being overwhelmed. A thick garland around the door, paired with a wreath is a traditional way to say Merry Christmas. We've only added the smallest touch of red to the wreath with a few berry branches, but they stand out immediately.

The welcoming holiday planter full of winter greens is where we've really gone all out with the bright red ilex berry branches, creating a tall design with the birch poles shooting up in the middle. Giant pinecones and a mix of favourite winter greens varieties, really add texture to this planter. 

Red and green will continue to be a tradition of Christmas, and we wouldn't want it any other way! Just remember that you don't have to have equal amounts of each in your home or holiday displays, because a little red goes a long way. 


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