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Roll Up Your Petunias and Plant Pansies for Fall

petunias roll up for fall and planting pansies 

Get your garden ready for fall!

Time to roll up your petunias? When the cooler weather hits and it is time to switch over your garden to fall annuals and other plants, the easiest way to get those petunias out of your garden is to simply roll them up like a carpet! It looks like a lot of fun and quickly clears your garden bed for new plants.

Jason's petunias looked amazing all summer long. He planted about 45 plants in 8' of garden beds and they grew together so well that they didn't give the weeds any opportunity to grow. Now, when the petunias are rolled up, the soil doesn't need any weeding and very little prep for his fall garden beds.

The claw cultivating tool is an easy way to loosen up your soil in the garden bed and get it ready for another creative endeavour for autumn. Just stab and twist! In order to prep your garden for fall, we suggest adding a 3" layer of composted mulch to all your garden beds. It helps to insulate, stop weeds, adds nutrition for winter and next spring, and just looks great.

We grow our own fall/winter pansies which are perfect for a pop of colour during the cool and cold months. Plant them before Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving that is!) while the ground is still warm and the pansy's roots will become established and make it through the winter in BC.

Jason recommends a 6-8" spacing when planting your pansies in your garden beds. This allows them room to fill up the space and create a gorgeous, thick, colourful carpet for you to enjoy.

Thanks for watching our video with these great garden tips and tricks. Have fun switching your plants over from season to season and don't forget to be creative! 

petunias roll up for fall and planting pansies

petunias roll up for fall and planting pansies petunias roll up for fall and planting pansies petunias roll up for fall and planting pansies 


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