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Sandy's Five Christmas Colour Palettes

Every Christmas season I discover new ornaments to use in my trees and am inspired to create unique Christmas colour palettes for the season! I love to collect ornaments that all match a theme or create a sensational look when used together.

This year I've been inspired by texture, colour and finish while putting together these five different collections for you! To create a designer look of your own, you only need seven or eight different types of ornaments to use in your tree. Decorate with multiples of each, spaced out through the branches. Every ornament doesn't need to be different, especially if you want a unified design and palette for the season. colour palettes for Christmas colour palettes for Christmas colour palettes for Christmas Take a look at my favourite Christmas colour collections this season and read why each one works, as well as some of my best tips to create your own unique Christmas tree!

Enchanted Botanicals

Hues of plum, burgundy and soft pink come together in this naturally polished collection for a unique Christmas style. colour palettes for Christmas I love these faux dahlia stems, what a surprise in your Christmas tree! The soft tones really match a pink or rose-gold theme, and when paired with faux olive branches, creates an upscale garden feeling.

Of course we need a hint of sparkle, such as a metallic or glitter bulb, in the mix. Using both matte and shiny finishes makes the finished tree more diverse and interesting to look at.

Pro Tip #1 - Mix up your finishes on the ornaments. Try using matte, shiny, metal, natural and glitter ornaments together to create a look that really catches your eye throughout the whole tree.

Winter Wonderland

White tones on unique ornaments create a unified winter look, with an understated Christmas colour palette that makes it feel like a first snowfall indoors. colour palettes for Christmas All of the ornaments in this collection are different, from birds to geometric shapes, to old fashioned designs. However, because I've picked ornaments in shades of white (a little off white is ok!) the whole tree will look put together and finished.

I've even added some silver and gold with these ornaments for a bit of sparkle. The flocked white faux branches can be inserted into your branches throughout, in order to add a snowy look to any tree!

Pro Tip #2 - You can tie your design together with a Christmas colour palettes, without having to use all the same shapes or style of ornaments. This will add variation on the tree without making it too busy.

Natural Elements

With organic patterns and textures, this contemporary collection adds a tactile, natural feeling to your tree. A touch of gold and silver make these textures shine during the season. colour palettes for Christmas These natural ornaments have organic finishes like jute, stone, wood and leather. All together they really create a soft, organic feeling for Christmas. Pair them with faux berries or stems of eucalyptus to add colour and a botanical twist.

I love to add little details like using bulbs and ornaments with twine or leather loop hangers. For a bit of a sparkle I added in the Edison bulb ornaments in glass or gold.

Chic Glamour

A touch of ebony adds elegance to this classy collection, mixed with sparkles and festive metallics. Both playful and sophisticated, these ornaments will delight! colour palettes for Christmas A hint of black on your tree can lend it that trendy chic look! Of course it matches perfectly with any kind of sparkle such as gold balls or glitter covered ornaments. Use clear glass ornaments to pick up the lights in your tree and add shine to the design.

Pro Tip #3 - Don't be afraid to mix your metals! Gold, silver, bronze, copper and rose-gold are all fair game when it comes to Christmas ornaments!

Woodland Snow Garden

White berries, eucalyptus and cabbage create a snow covered garden for your tree. Soften it up with natural elements like acorns and stone hearts. colour palettes for Christmas Woodland ornaments are a favourite, as they add natural charm and whimsy to your tree. Using faux branches of berries, eucalyptus or even snow dusted cabbage, turn any regular tree into something more magical.

Glass bulbs, in various shapes and finishes (including iridescence) will really catch the lights and make your tree sparkle. Touches of cute acorns, woodland creatures, and other whimsical ornaments are the finishing details.

Pro Tip #4 - Your tree doesn't have to have a topper! Don't worry about the perfect star or angel, especially if it doesn't match your tree's theme. You can concentrate more ornaments or faux picks near the top of the tree to create the same feeling. colour palettes for Christmas colour palettes for Christmas  Finish up your tree with a unique skirt that accents your ornaments and theme. There are so many different ones available, from fir, burlap, gold or galvanized! You can even try something different such as using a large basket or container to place the tree base into, rather than having it sit on the floor. Be creative and have fun, you never know what will happen! 


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