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Showing Our Roots — Family Day Stories from the Team


We asked our amazing team for their favourite stories and memories of gardens and plants that remind them of their loved ones...take a look;


My grandfather loved chicks and hens and they make me think about all the fun times being at their house. Growing up in the greenhouse, it was all about hanging baskets. Seeing them makes me feel excited that spring is near!

Bryan - Store Manager

We had a spider plant in our kitchen window growing up. It’s a really cool nostalgic plant for me.

Barb – Plant Designer

Lipstick plants remind me of my grandma. And she always had African violets as well. She would water all her plants with cold tea and they always looked fantastic

BrendaSales & Merchandising 

Hoya’s make me think of my mom. She had one with a really cool bloom that was so fragrant. She had it for twenty years and every time I see one it makes me smile.


Split leaf philodendron remind me of my mother. She had vaulted ceilings with big picture windows and it grew right up to the ceiling. When I see one I always think of her.

LeaAnnuals Leader 
Pansies make me think of my mom. They’re an old school plant and she just loved mass planting purple ones!   

BerniePerennial Leader
A yard full of weeds reminds me of the days when my mother would give me money for weeding the garden as a child.

Heather W - Admin
My sister would make me headbands made of English Ivy. Seeing it now makes me feel happy and sentimental of that time with her.

Magda Plant Designer
Scented geraniums make me feel so happy because they remind me of my grandmother. When I see them I’m reminded of them growing in front of her house and all the wonderful memories of time spent there.

JenTropical Plant Leader
My mom always had Boston Ferns. She’s my plant inspiration, she got me started on my love of plants.

AlecJack of all trades
My grandmother was really good at keeping African Violets alive. They remind me of her and how lovely she was.

JennaLead Cashier
My great aunt loved peace lilies. She gave my family one that was over 40 years old!

EmmaProduct Photography

My great-great-grandmother bought a jade plant from Safeway in 1976. It got passed down through my family until it was given to my cousin who gave me a cutting from it. Having it grow in my home after all these years makes me feel connected to the women in my family who cared and nurtured it before me.

Take a look at the original cutting on instagram here.

DebbieBusiness Planning
Daffodils make me so happy because they remind me of my husband and how much joy they bring him.

Heather CMarketing

Red marigold’s remind me of summer’s at my great-grandma’s house, sitting in her garden eating the tops of the flowers.

Which plants bring you happy memories of family and loved ones? Share with us here on Facebook!


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