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Starting Christmas with a Beautiful Blush

This year we're slipping softly into the Christmas season with restful neutrals blended with beautiful blush coloured accents. Cosy blankets, pillows and warm feelings abound, as friends and family gather round.                                                       

From tall to small, faux trees give you the natural spirit of the outdoors, tamed for your living space during the holidays. Trim them with your favourite decorations, new and old, and enjoy the magical glow of the lights. Don't forget the packages tied up with strings, both those you'll give and the ones Santa brings.

Stems of fresh, foraged or faux floral add a touch of greenery at the table, on the mantel or hanging on the door. See more of our tablescaping inspiration for the holidays in your home in our blog post over here

From simple hand-wrapped olive branch wreaths to eucalyptus centrepieces. These natural elements strike a seasonal tone, either gathered in bunches or standing alone.                           


Whether you match metals or mix them, there's always room for a bit of a gleam during winter's long months. Aged and worn materials hint at a story like oft-repeated lyrics of your favourite carols. Old-world bells that itch to be rung and unadorned wreaths artfully hung.

Winter's charm lies in understated designs that highlight the stark and unexpected beauty at this time of year. The simple pleasure of handwritten cards, soft moss from the garden, and lit candles. Take a breath to clear the air and create space, exploring winter's unassuming grace. 

Plants make the kitchen come alive, even when cookies aren't being baked! Find out why we love plants in the kitchen and get more ideas in our blog post over here

A row of olive trees in patterned clay pots make good company while preparing for visitors. Simple and natural designs, emphasising tall, vertical lines. 

Keep dinner light and fun with slightly mismatched linens and playfully paired flatware, mixing patterns and colours to create your own palette. Let everyone linger over the lasting glow of a memorable meal. Faces warmed by candle's light, lit by laughter and friendship bright. 


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