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Succulent Bird Bath


Bird baths are fantastic planters for succulents! Why? They are shallow and wide, not to mention the great height so you can really get to see your beautiful plants. We've chosen this beautiful ceramic blue one, but there are so many designs out there to match your decor. You can even find vintage bird baths.

Start by adding soil, and don't be afraid to mound it up in the middle so it's like a little hill. This will give you a lovely cascading look. We've spiced this design up by putting in blue glass vases in order to pop in some candles later on! This will be a surprising and elegant lighting element on your patio or deck in the evenings.

You could even use citronella candles (The colour won't show through the blue glass) to keep the mosquitos at bay while you're relaxing outdoors this summer. Add the candle holders first, then build your arrangement around them.

Use the big plants for the centre, and tuck them in tight, to hold everything in place. These are your anchors for the design. Then you can begin to choose medium and small plants to fill in the border. Let the longer vines succulents hang over the edge and soften the design.

Don't be afraid to add lots of variety with colours and shapes, succulents come in so many different styles! We've added in some natural river stones among the plethora of succulents as a finishing touch. You could also use sand or smaller stones.SaveSave 


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