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Our Succulent Story - Homegrown with Love

Our Succulent Story

As a locally owned garden centre and nursery in South Surrey BC, we grow hundreds of thousands of succulents in over 300 varieties in our own greenhouses. West Coast Garden nurseries are the largest growers of succulents in North America. We parent 300,000 plants at one time with personal TLC before shipping them across the continent. Each of these are hand planted and cared for, until they reach your home.

 Our love of these sophisticated and simple plants shows in our dedication to raising healthy and beautiful ones just for you. We grow many different varieties of succulents, from tall to small and in every shade of green, blue and violet. Watch as we show you what it takes to raise these baby plants with love.

A Few Tips

The name "Succulent" comes from the latin word “sucus” which means juice or sap. This makes them drought tolerant and low maintenance, two things to look for in an easy addition to the garden or patio. You can easily create larger planters for your bigger patios at home. Or create small mini arrangements for condo and apartment living in city spaces.

Your succulent does need water, though. How much? At least once a week. If the leaves get thin, wrinkly or start falling off then it is time to break out the watering can and soak that soil. If you see squishy, pale or brown leaves that’s a sure sign you’ve been a bit too liberal with the water and need to let them dry out.



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