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A Pig-nic with Petunia

Petunia's Pig-nic.

A romantic forest getaway with Petunia the pig, pots full of blooms, and tea for two!

Envelope yourself in lush forest greenery, crowded with overflowing baskets of flowers to dress up the perfect picnic spot. The free-flowing petunias and other draping plants in these hanging baskets match the wild overgrowth of this natural location with just a touch of elegance.

Dressing Up the Unusual

Hanging baskets don't have to hang—they look just as gorgeous gently resting on a stand or stool, as long as their long, draping flowers have a place to show off. 

Edible foliage? Lettuces, kale, and other delicious greenery also make eye-catching planters—especially when paired with pretty pottery. A bowl of lettuce looks fresh and tastes great.

Whether it's a basket of mixed beauties, decadent in the variety and number of blooms, or a single plant in a special pot—we reflect on the growth and uniqueness of nature in all its forms.

Taming the Wild

A backyard that isn't mowed and coiffed offers an inviting space from the world's eye. The birds sing louder and the deer come to rest—it's a window into nature. Add garden favourites to the grove with annuals that add colour, herbs that add spice, and a few comforts of home to relax with. Summer is only one season, after all.


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