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The Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree - Bringing Home a Rock-Star

The Fiddle-Leaf Fig tree has become the rock-star of home decor, with appearances in magazines, blogs and home decor TV shows. We aren’t surprised, as this gorgeous tropical plants' dark green waxy foliage and sculptural shapes are a sure win in modern homes.

With all the press and celebrity treatment, can you still get one of these gorgeous VIPs (yup, that’s Very Important Plants) into your home? Definitely! Even with all of its fame, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig is still remarkably down-to-earth. Our easy care guide below will give you all the info you need to keep your superstar performing happily. 

The Bright Lights of Stardom

The spotlight might be on the Fiddle-Leaf Fig at the moment, but the truth is this plant doesn’t enjoy direct bright sun in your home. Hiding from the paparazzi in your living room, the Fiddle-Leaf would much rather have indirect light.

Having travelled a long way from its tropical home in the jungle, you have to remember that your plant is used to filtered light finding its way through the forest canopy. So although the light needs to be bright, it shouldn’t include direct sunbeams. When it starts to reach towards the window (no one is immune to the lure of the limelight) give it a turn, to keep it straightened out.

Hydrating During the Show

All rockstars know you need to hydrate during the show, keeping your energy up on stage is important for the fans. Now that the Fiddle-Leaf Fig is in the public eye (and your living room) it’s important to keep it looking like the headliner it is!

Making a regular watering schedule is important. If the top inch of soil in your pot is dry, it’s time to add some H2O. Water your Fiddle-Leaf until you see it drain out the bottom of the pot and into the saucer under your plant. Using a pot with drainage holes is paramount to keeping your Fiddle-Leaf alive as it prevents root rot.

The Fiddle-Leaf Fig is a plant of few words, so it won’t tell you if it’s getting too much or not enough water. However, taking a look at the leaves of your celeb can tell you quite a bit.

If the top new leaves of your plant are looking brown, dry or dying then that means you’re probably not giving it enough water and need to up the frequency. (This can be caused by low humidity in the home as well.) However, if the bottom older leaves look brown, dry or dying then you are probably overwatering your plant and need to cut back on the attention a bit.

Keep the Talent Happy

Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig plant might consider you their new personal assistant. Beyond keeping them hydrated (at least you don’t have to fetch cappuccinos) and making sure they look good all the time, your job also includes watching out for cold drafts.

Used to tropical balmy weather (even more than L.A. celebrities) the Fiddle Leaf detests being cold. A draft from a window, vent or unsealed doorway could spell its demise. If its leaves start to dry out all over (top and bottom) and drop, then chances are you’ve got it standing in a draft and will need to remedy that before it’s too late.

However, if you find the perfect spot for your Fiddle plant to reside you’d better not move it! Creatures of habit, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig tree doesn’t do well with change.

Where’s the Bling?

Rockstars need their bling, their sunglasses and camera ready outfits. Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig is getting used to the high-life and won’t want to be left in a corner and ignored.

Shine those leaves up, when the dust starts to settle, and keep them looking sharp! Use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust, not just for those magazine interviews, but also to allow more light to permeate the leaves and keep them healthy. As well, this plant loves to have it’s leaves spritzed with water now and then, to add moisture and humidity (just like the tropical jungle it’s used to).

Don’t be shy about approaching a Fiddle-Leaf Fig to bring home with you. Their celebrity status hasn’t gone to their heads, and you’ll find them remarkably eager to take up residence in your living room by a sunny window.

You might have to fend off crowds of fans wanting autographs or photo-ops, but this trending houseplant will repay you by looking gorgeous in your home (and they might even allow a selfie or two).


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