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Conifers - The Quiet Elegance In Your Garden

Conifers are often over looked for container gardening, but their simple elegance, surprising variety of colour and low maintenance requirements make them an easy and sophisticated choice. They are also available as small plants, and can be pruned to stay in a manageable size for your containers.

Just a few ways to use small conifers in containers:

conifers and zen gardens by West Coast Garden


The single conifer in an elegant pot is the classic bonsai. It is so iconic because of it’s barely imperceptible changes over time and draws your attention to its every detail. Evokes the feeling of Wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic of lonely beauty, the bonsai has a simple and classic feel. Simply choose a dwarf conifer that speaks to you, add pot and finish it with pebbles for a simply lovely look.

Dynamic Groups

If you like your plants to have a bit of company arranging groups of conifers is a great way to go. With electric greens, deep-sea blues and chocolate browns you aren’t limited by colour. One of our favourites this year is called “Chocolate Box” a conifer that goes from burgundy to the deep shade of your favourite dark chocolate over the course of a year.

conifers and zen gardens by West Coast Garden

Better Together

Arrange conifers together in a single pot with one another and add companion plants to complete the look. Many hearty succulents have similar light and soil requirements to conifers and make great neighbours. Other dwarf varietals such as the Swiss Willow will grow slowly along with the trees and add a touch of seasonal interest. 


Next time you come to West Coast Gardens consider the endless combinations of conifers and containers and how they could add that ‘quiet elegance’ to your garden.


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