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The Uncommon Poinsettia

With the wealth of homegrown Poinsettias at our fingertips, we decided to have a little fun with them. They are often just left alone in the foil wrapping they come in, but there are so many interesting ways they can be incorporated into your home decor, creating quite the conversation piece for the guests you are entertaining over the holidays.


The first step in creating something fantastic is picking an inspiring container or “vessel” for your design. Try to look at containers, lanterns or votives that you have in a new light. Not everything needs to be plopped into a 6″ or 8″ pot. Let your imagination go.

In these examples I used a technique called Kokedama. ‘Kokedama’ is a Japanese variant of bonsai which has become a gardening trend to transform houseplants into sculptural objects that can be placed around the home or dangled from fixtures. 

You need the following items to make Poinsettia Kokedamas

  • Scissors 
  • Thin, decorative metal wire
  • Moss 
  • 4″ or 6″ Poinsettia

Step by step guide to making Kokedamas

  1. Place a piece of moss with the green side up, on a table
  2. Remove the Poinsettia from the plastic container it comes in
  3. Place the Poinsettia in the middle of the moss
  4. Fold the moss around the soil & roots of the Poinsettia, creating a ball, being careful not to disrupt the roots too much
  5. Prick the metal wire through the moss and hold the end with your finger
  6. Wrap the metal wire around the ball creating a net (use as much or as little as you like, remembering the wire is for functional and decorative purposes)
  7. Trim any access moss off with your scissors
  8. Place your Kokedama Poinsettia into the interesting container, plate, votive or lantern you’ve selected
  9. Spray your Kokedama Poinsettia with water and enjoy!

Here are a few examples using our Purple, Blue, Pink and Red varieties of Poinsettias homegrown here at West Coast Gardens.



We hope you enjoy a little twist on this traditional Christmas classic! Have fun making and stringing  your own poinsettia Kokedamas.



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