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Tips for Planting Pansies

Pansies for fall are a favourite, especially out here on the West Coast! We grow our pansies ourselves in our greenhouses so that you can get fresh and healthy plants for your garden.

We suggest planting pansies before Thanksgiving. (Canadian Thanksgiving, of course!) Plant them at this time because the ground is still warm and the roots have time to establish themselves before it freezes. Then the plants can give you colour all winter, and burst into a real showy, garden bed next spring!

To get the best looking garden, we love planting pansies from a 6 pack and space them out about 6-8" apart. This gives them enough room to grow in, become large size plants, and create a carpet of colour in your garden beds!

Find out more about planting your fall pansies in our blog post over here: Pansies for Thanksgiving. 

planting pansies for fall in the garden on the west coast

planting pansies for fall in the garden on the west coast


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