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Tradescantia Care - TLC for Your Purple Houseplant

The Beautiful Tradescantia

A rare beauty, the tradescantia has glittering purple leaves that steal the show! Check out our care tips below:

There are so many kinds of tradescantia plants, but they are all amazing with their striped purple leaves and shiny finish. From trailing plants to tall stems, these houseplants are easy to care for and can be in standing pots or hanging baskets.

Lighting for Your Tradescantia

Tradescantia plants need indirect bright light in order to keep their gorgeous, vibrant colours. Make sure they aren't getting burned with too much direct sun. Using a curtain or blinds can help, or placing your plant a few feet from a window. 

Watering Your Tradescantia

Keep your tradescantia moist but not soggy. Use well-draining soil so that your plant doesn't end up with root rot or other problems. Make sure your pot has drainage holes.

Other Care Tips

Feed your houseplant with indoor fertilizer during the spring and summer growing months. Give them a trim when they get too scraggly or long, they love a haircut. Try putting a few different types of tradescantia together for a purple party in a pot!


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