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Tropical Vibe Summer Planter

Tropical vibe summer planter

Summer won't be boring with this bright and bold planter on your patio this season!

Get those tropical vibes going with this bright and spicy planter! Jason starts with a large bromeliad, in vibrant red, with striped leaves, and then adds in complementary coloured plants to keep the vibe going. 

Start with quality potting soil, then add in your central plant—the bromeliad! Be gentle with the soil and roots of this plant as it can be delicate. Then we get to add in our other bright plants! Use bold colours for drama as well as draping plants for movement. 

You can water your bromeliad in its central cup, as usual, and then also water the rest of the planter through the soil. 

For this planter Jason used the following plants (feel free to improvise!) : 

  • Croton 
  • Sedum 
  • Coleus 
  • Wire Vine 
  • Nephthytis 
  • Calathia 
  • Spider Plant 
  • Dracaena 


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