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Up-Potting Tropicals and Indoor Plants

It's always hard to watch your kids grow up! During their early years it seems like they need new shoes or clothes every week, they're constantly outgrowing them. Plants aren't a lot different, they are constantly growing, both in their leaves and their roots.

When your indoor plants get root-bound, it's time to repot them in an up-sized pot. This allows your tropical plants to spread their roots, get more moisture and nutrients, and keep growing!

For this project you'll need a new pot (one size bigger than the current pot your plant is in), potting soil, hardy scissors (in case you need to cut off the old pot) and a saucer. Check to see if your new pot has drainage and if it doesn't, make some holes with scissors or even a drill (if your pot is thick plastic). Choose the best quality potting soil you can, remember that your plant will have to live in it for quite some time!

When repotting, you'll probably find your plant is root-bound (the roots have grown into a tight ball) and will need to be loosened so they can take root in your new pot. Gently break them apart at the bottom and loosen the soil around the sides before depositing the plant in the new pot. Center your plant and add in soil around it, then gently pack it in until the pot is full.

You can add in stone accents to top off the planter, which look great and also help keep the moisture in the soil. Then give it a good watering, making sure to use your saucer to catch excess water. Now your plant can continue to grow until the next time it needs a new pot!



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