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Woodland Winter Amaryllis Dish

Amaryllis Christmas Planter

This Amaryllis dish has a natural woodland design that creates a wintery forest walk feeling. Jason shows us how to create this look using natural accents such as pinecones, birch bark, twigs, branches, juniper cuts and moss. You can pick up interesting stones and leaves as well for your design!

The first thing Jason does is add an inch of pebbles or coarse sand to the bottom of the dish in order to lift everything in the design upwards. This allows the waxed Amaryllis bulbs to be seen better as well. Don't be afraid to experiment - you might not like the way the design turns our right away, and that's your chance to play with your natural accents and see what fits best around your Amaryllis and Paper White bulbs.

Remember, this is your creation and you get the final word! Have a merry holiday season!! 

Amaryllis Christmas Planter


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