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Playful Evergreens for Christmas


Evergreens are the face of Christmas. Winter trees covered in snow, Christmas trees lit in our homes, and boughs tied to the doors. These comforting greens show up everywhere this season and leave a delightful fresh scent behind. Nothing beats real pine, cedar, or fir for winter.

{location courtesy of Shinder Kaur Johal}

Santa may come down the chimney with care; but we're covering the mantel with evergreen boughs. Nestled among these transformative branches are carefully curated plants with showy red berries and blooms. From the long-blooming cyclamen to the winter gaultheria, these natural touches bring the outside to your home.

Mini Forests

Good things come in small packages—like mini trees in beautiful pots. The pine branches add texture and a rustic flair, without overtaking the entire room. Pot it up in a luxe container like this glazed green Bergs Potter design.

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A Spot of RED

The poinsettia has remained a Christmas staple for decades— let's give this plant it's due! Styled alone as an eye-catching centrepiece this classic tropical plant brings 
bold colour for a bold season.


The pot says a lot about your style. A perfectly white design gets an upgrade with vertical etchings and a pedestal—the perfect way to display your poinsettia!


As much as tradition is a part of the season, sometimes you need to go out on a limb to find inspiration. Playful decorations in a traditional colour, like these German glass strawberry ornaments, make guests look twice. Add a touch of personality to tried-and-true favourites this season. 


The windows are always lit on these small ceramic houses. A warm welcome from bygone neighbours and friends we remember at this season. 

Make Yourself At Home

A wreath at the door is a good beginning when welcoming friends and family for Christmas. Give them a cheerful hello with a crowd of evergreen planters featuring winter favourites like mini trees, wintergreen gaultheria, hellebore and more. Draped garland along the bannisters is like an invitation for warm holiday gatherings and memories. 

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