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Caring for Your Bonsai

Caring for your bonsai

Bonsai offer us a unique opportunity to have a tree indoors, even sitting on our desk or in our living room! While we can't quite bask in this tree's shade during summer months, we can enjoy watching the green canopy appear in miniature. Take a look at our care guide below.

Watering Your Bonsai 

Your Ginseng bonsai's soil needs to be moderately moist throughout the year, and generally will need to be watered weekly. Allowing the top inch of soil to become dry before re-watering can prevent root rot and other fungus problems.

Bonsai are often grown in small or shallow pots, in order to keep their roots bound and keep the plants a small size. This means the soil runs out of nutrients faster, so fertilizer is a must for your tree! Use a watersoluble fertilizer every week for healthy greenery and new growth. Use a 10-10-10 balanced fertilizer variety.

Light Up Your Bonsai 

Since your bonsai tree won't be outdoors under the sun, you have to make sure to place it where the tree can get bright light. Make sure the window provides 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight, without the hot direct rays that will scorch leaves. A south facing window is perfect for this!

A Few Small Tips 

Ginseng bonsai love humidity, and can be misted daily. Both the leaves and the trunk enjoy being wet, and with enough humidity this tree will start to grow aerial roots from the trunk to the soil, for a classic look!  

Another tip is to avoid drafts, warm or cold, and once you've established its home, don't move your Ginseng bonsai around. This plant likes consistency.


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