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How to Care for Your Indoor Ferns

Lush green ferns are a home decor favourite for indoor plant lovers! The bright green fronds come in all sorts of colour varieties, shapes and sizes. Many new and exciting fern varieties have become mainstream, giving you much more choice when picking out the perfect indoor fern. But what about when you get home and have to care for your new houseplant addition? Below we give you the basic tips and tricks to keep your fern looking happy and healthy.

Lighting the Way for your Fern

Light can be the best or worst thing to happen to your fern! Often we imagine that all houseplants need the brightest light possible, however for ferns that is very seldom true. In their natural habitat, ferns grow under tree canopies on the forest floor. This means they are used to dabbled, indirect sunlight. Their tender fronds can't take bright direct light and will most likely burn. Using a sheer curtain to protect your fern, if it is in or near a south facing window, can give it enough light without over doing it. Many ferns can also handle shady or low-light situations such as often found in bathrooms or offices. Take a peek at the care-card in your potted fern to double check that it doesn't require bright sunlight (very few do) and then choose a spot with indirect or dapple light for your indoor fern to thrive!

Getting your Fern Wet

In their natural home on the forest floor, ferns are used to high humidity and moist soil. The shady tree canopy stops the sun from evaporating all of their water and drying out the soil. In your home you can recreate these conditions by keeping the soil moist, without letting it completely dry out. When you water your indoor fern, let the water run through the pot and out the drainage holes, so that your houseplant isn't sitting in a pool of water. Then wait until the very top layer is looking a bit drier, before re-watering.

Ferns also enjoy high humidity. If your indoor fern is looking dry or brown around the edges, chances are it could use more humidity in the air! Misting your fern everyday, or setting out a tray with water and pebbles nearby, is a great way to keep it happy and green.

Your New Green Friend

Your fern will also appreciate fertilizer (we prefer water soluble) in order to get enough nutrients to grow and also keep its lush green colouring. A balanced 10-10-10 is great for your fern, and you can use it at half-strength for every watering, or just use it every second week.

Now you're ready to start adopting all those beautiful ferns you've fallen in love with! Try out all the varieties and create a forest of ferns in your home. These beautiful green houseplants add zen and a natural feeling throughout the year. Take a look at all our ferns in our online shop here.

Ferns are also gorgeous in terrariums, take a look at our DIY video below for an idea on how to make your own!



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