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Money Tree Plant Care Tips

One of the most recognizable indoor plants, the Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) has a distinctive five leaf pattern and bright green colouring, along with a unique braided trunk.

Although we use the Money Tree as an indoor potted plant, it really is a tree, called the Malabar Chestnut and native to Mexico and South America where it can grow to 60" tall! (Don't worry, your potted Money Tree won't sprout quite as high)

We love these lush green indoor plants all year around, but they are especially auspicious during Chinese New Year! Having one of these plants in your home, and giving them as gifts, is reputed to bring you good luck and prosperity in the year to come. (They're pet friendly as well)

We're here to give you all the tips you need to care for your Money Tree, and keep your good luck growing! Learn how to care for your Money Tree plant in your home or office with our easy care guide! #moneytree #chinesenewyear 

Top 5 Tips for Growing Money Trees

The number one question you're probably asking is whether your Money Tree will actually sprout fifty dollar bills. Sorry everyone, no matter how well you water and fertilize your plant, it will grow gorgeous foliage rather than money. That's enough for us, though!

#1 - Light it Up in So Many Ways

Luckily, the Money Tree has easy light requirements and is very versatile when it comes to location! Give your plant bright light, but no direct sunlight. Its leaves will scorch under the sun's heat, but love a bright window facing south or east. We're also wowed at its ability to thrive under fluorescent lights, making it the perfect tropical plant for the office! (Especially with the Money Tree's prosperous reputation)

Learn how to care for your Money Tree plant in your home or office with our easy care guide! #moneytree #chinesenewyear

#2 - Give it a Permanent Home

The Money Tree loves a stable environment and definitely is not a nomad. Moving it to a new location (once it is established in a space suitable to its needs) will likely see the plant drop all its leaves in protest! They'll grow back, but you'll be stuck with a naked tree for a while. To make sure the spot is perfect, avoid any hot or cold drafts, and keep the temperature between 16-26'C (65-80'F).

#3 - Hydrate and Forget About it

The Malabar Chestnut loves to chug water, and should be given a thorough watering, letting the water pour out of the drainage holes in the bottom of your pot. But once the soil is soaked, it's time to leave it alone! Let your Money Tree dry out (at least the top two to four inches of soil) before re-watering this plant. Its roots will rot if they are kept soggy for long periods of time.

Learn how to care for your Money Tree plant in your home or office with our easy care guide! #moneytree #chinesenewyear 

#4 - Keep it Well Fed

Don't forget to feed your Money Tree! The nutrients in the soil is soon used up, as the plant grows new leaves and gets taller. It's up to you to add extra nutrition to keep your indoor plants healthy and happy. The Money Tree appreciates a balanced fertilizer at half-strength, every time you water. Liquid, or water soluble fertilizer, is the easiest to use, especially for smaller pots. During the winter months you can refrain from feeding your plant.

#5 - Don't Let Your Luck Evaporate!

Since this plant is native to Mexico and South America, it's used to a lot higher humidity than we often get in our homes and office! That's why the Money Tree loves to be misted daily. If this isn't something you want to make part of your everyday schedule, then try putting the pot in a tray of pebbles and water. As it evaporates, the air will gain more humidity.

Sure to become a favourite house plant, the Money Tree is easy to care for and will repay you in green dividends (that's foliage, not dollars) through the coming months and years. Wishing you plenty of good fortune and luck!

Save and print our easy care guide for your Money Tree! Just right click and save the image below or take a screenshot.



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