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Tips & Inspiration

Caring for Your Bonsai

Caring for your bonsai Bonsai offer us a unique opportunity to have a tree indoors, even sitting on our desk or in our living room! While we can't quite bask...

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How to Care for Your Peace Lily

Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Elegant, sophisticated and fresh—the peace lily is a favourite houseplant for many reasons! Not only does its symbolism ring true, but it brings simple beauty to any...

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Potting Your Bonsai

When you bring home a new bonsai you want to give it a beautiful pot to really show it off! It’s easy to pot up a bonsai, especially with our...

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Orchid Care 101

Orchids are a show-stopping plant for your home or office, and really easy to care for! They look like they'd be picky plants, but are actually very simple to keep...

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