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Tips & Inspiration

Summer BBQ Planter

Jason’s Back Yard BBQ Herb Planter Jason plants up a crescent container with all his favourite herbs for your sizzling back yard BBQs this summer.

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Hanging Basket Care

West Coast Gardens' "garden guy" - Jason VanderMey - shares his favourite tips for keeping your hanging baskets looking their best all summer long.

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Jason Talks Tomatoes

There are over forty varieties of tomatoes available throughout the growing season at West Coast Gardens and each tomato plant is grown on site. With so many varieties it can...

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Waltz of the Hanging Baskets

Early in the morning, before West Coast Gardens opens for the day, our hanging baskets waltz. Take an exclusive peek at their private soiree - which basket catches your eye?...

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DIY Bright Hanging Basket

When designing a hanging basket arrange you plants with layers of visual interest that will be attractive from every angle using the popular floral design principals - “Thrill, Fill, Spill.”

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