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Tips & Inspiration

Orchid Care 101

Orchids are a show-stopping plant for your home or office, and really easy to care for! They look like they'd be picky plants, but are actually very simple to keep...

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2019 Blooper Reel

Our videos may make it look easy, but believe us, they're definitely not the first take! Try, try again, that's our motto - whether it's a misbehaving pot or trying...

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Perennial Care & Colour

There are so many kinds of perennials for your garden, with a wide variety of colours and foliage! Each one of them produces their flowers at different ...

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Violet Fall Foliage Planter

Create your own violet fall foliage planter, full of perennials that will last all year, plus a few colourful annuals for the season. No need to stick with traditional oranges...

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Quick Tip: Lavender Care

Not only will lavender add colour and a wonderful scent to your garden, but it also attracts lots of pollinators, especially bees! Your garden will be a buzz with these...

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How to Use a Dutch Hoe

In this quick tip video, Jason showcases his favourite garden tool! The Dutch Hoe, a traditional tool that comes straight from Holland. Why is it his favourite tool? The long...

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